Field Radio Operator

This costume was the very first I bought and close to the last to be finished. The many pieces have been replaced and swapped up to 5 times before I got the exact piece I wanted. This trooper is a compilation of the very best features and accessories of the Mobile Infantry costume. At its core is an "A' grade MI costume,including hero resin grenades, and a rare "A" grade helmet with visor mounts. The tunic was worn by the Fed Net cameraman during the Klendathu battle. This costume's basic setup is that of the Field Radio Operators in the movie: Dizzy, Ace, and Sgt Gillespie. The radio communications pack is the hero fiberglass pack, with working lights, that was worn by Ace Levy in the arachnid cave scenes. This pack includes a screen used rubber stunt hand comm. I have added the naviation GPS tracking watch that Ace wearing during the Whiskey outpost scenes and Sugar wears during the arachnid tunnel scenes. Finally, I added a visor to my helmet as is worn by the tower gunners during the Whiskey Outpost scenes.

Note: Only the armor, helmet, and pack are shown in the images below. While not pictured, this is a complete costume, including a hero fiberglass Morita rifle.

fro 01
fro 03
fro 04