Wounded Mobile Infantryman

This costume was intended to be assembled piecemeal from leftover armor parts. The result was to be a soldier who had been dimembered and was to be displayed in conjunction with the combat medic.  However, this project slowly evolved from a very poorly assembled display piece into a fully complete and wearable A grade costume that included a broken arachnid claw impaled through the chest, loosely based on the claw that mortally wounds Dizzy.  This costume could be considered a stage 2 Sgt Gillespie costume as it was inspired by the field radio operator who is impaled by a hopper bug and subsequently killed by Lt Rasczak. Before pursuing this project, I commisioned a friend to create a concept sketch to help me visualize what the final costume would look like.

As mentioned above, this costume is comprised of several sets of screen used armor and costume pieces. Everything but the blood and arachnid claw, which was sculpted from foam and bondo, is screen used. The ab plate had a hole punched in the lower chest during filming, and has been identified as belonging to the Fed-Net cameraman who is impaled while filiming during the initial attack on Klendathu. Five additional holes were cut in the armor to coorispond with Sgt Gillespie's injuries.  A Halloween mask was cut apart and used to create the torn flesh under the holes in the armor. The arachnid claw is two separate pieces, one attaching to the back plate and the other attaching to the front.  Finally, two coats of stage blood were applied, first a thick “fresh scab” gel, and then a thinner standard blood was added on top. While the costume is fully wearable, the blood makes it incredibly sticky and quite uncomfortable.

I am very proud of the overall look and feel of this costume, as I believe it captures the graphic and gory essence that is the trademark of Starship Troopers.

Note: Only the armor and helmet are shown in the images below. While not pictured, this is a complete costume, including a rubber stunt Morita rifle.

armor 01
armor 02
armor 03
armor 04